Spinach, Chicken, Pasta OH MY!!

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I recently had a family baby shower and my mom made a dish that was to DIE for! I just HAD to share this recipe with y’all because I am still thinking about it! This dish is going to be my go to for here on out! I am NOT a pasta lover and I […]

PaNcAke LoVeRs!!

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If  you like pancakes and if you like bananas, you are in luck!!!      I didn’t create this recipe but I sure did steal it off Pinterest and I don’t even feel bad about it! I love pancakes and waffles with that amazing syrup just like the next girl but you can’t love the […]

It’s Been A Green Kinda Day!

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  Happy St. Patricks Day!!! I do have to admit I have not 1 piece of GREEN clothing! And neither does my two kids! I need to start buying more green clothes! This morning I noticed I’m pretty much a pink kind of girl! I wanted to share with you a little leprechaun treat that […]

Chicken Spaghetti with Grape Tomatoes

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I’m not much of a pasta girl; (a blessing, I know!) however, something this week changed a little and I craved some pasta. I told myself, “I’m not afraid of pasta, so pasta it is!” It’s so important to remember our body needs carbs! Carbs fuel our bodies. Complex carbs that is! And where is the fun in […]

Little Italia- The Healthy Way

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  Any Italia fans out there! I sure am! My husband and I went with some great friends to Europe in 2007 and Italy was one of our stops. I’ll never forget the sauces, the colorful buildings, the window box flowers and by all means, the gelato!   This picture may make it seem like this […]