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So, I’ve been MIA for a few months! Why you must ask? Well, life kind of showed up and happened at my house! At first I was super stressed over it. I told myself I needed to be more engaged and write, write, WRITE! Then I quickly realized life is happening and I needed to allow myself to enjoy it before this ride is over. Because of this, I have a great surprise at the end of this blog post JUST FOR YOU!

So the past few months in my life have consisted of:

  • Finding out baby #3 was joining our family in March! We are very excited about that!
  • Being SUPER tired in 1st trimester
  • A trip to SLC, Utah
  • Moved houses in September
  • Sold our house in October
  • Planned and celebrated two big children’s birthday bashes
  • Thanksgiving
  • New house painting project
  • A family trip to Disney World
  • Christmas
  • More new house painting projects
  • A husband who was traveling over night crazy amounts
  • Doctor appointments
  • Running an at home business that I love with two small children on my lap (which is getting harder and harder for them as my belly grows!)
  • ETC, ETC, ETC….

So life happens and my babies are small. I’m definitely not complaining, I love my busy crazy life and know that “life” happens to all of us! You always hear “time flies”, “enjoy them while they are young” or “don’t blink, they’ll be in college before you know it”.  As cliche´ as these may sound, I’ve really tried hard to listen to those words and slow my life down a little more so I can enjoy them while they are young. I don’t want to blink and them be in college. How sad!! By this, I’ve really enjoyed this pregnancy too!

My first trimester I was tired. No. Tired doesn’t start to cut it. I was so exhausted. I tried to nap when I would put Holden (2) down for his nap but my mind never cuts off like my body can. At least I’d be comfy on the couch under a blanket. The 2nd trimester was amazing. I felt great, energy back and going strong. With that being said, the 2nd trimester is emotionally the hardest for me hands down. I’m pregnant, but yet no one really knows if I’m pregnant. “She’s put on 15 pounds”, I can hear them say to themselves! Petty? Yes. Human? Yes. Crazy pregnancy hormones talking in my head? Yes.
This 3rd trimester has been amazing! I still have my energy, gaining weight in every place possible and going strong! I am currently 32 weeks and will deliver the third week of March. I am super excited to have another little boy join our family. Loving the idea that Holden gets a brother to sword fight with!

I have recently had the opportunity to collaborate with an AMAZING company called PinkBlush. PinkBlush Boutique is a small family run and operated company that provides affordable yet stylish apparel for women, as well as a maternity line. And when I say stylish, they provide women with pieces that are feminine, flirty, yet CLASSY and modest!  I have loved their pieces for months and ordered from them prior to our collaborating! This family run business has it GoinG On!!! They have the BEST costumer service as well as providing great quality products with amazing deals. You really can’t beat their prices.

In the pictures below I am featuring the cutest little Black-Beige-Chevron-Print Maternity Dress. This dress has been perfect for so many different occasions. It’s light weight and roomy. Definitely a comfortable fitting outfit for those of us carrying a few extras pounds!

Need a dress? It’s got you covered! 

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Need a tunic? It’s that too! 

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Need something after you deliver your baby? Well, you’re in luck because the way this dress falls, it’ll make any post-baby body look great!

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It can be hard to find trendy boutiques online and be confident you can trust their product. They have proven themselves and All you pretty women should give them a try!


You can shop PinkBlush here:


So shopping is super fun as it is but I have a little something that will make it even more exciting! On my INSTAGRAM account, you will have the opportunity to WIN a $75 Gift Card to PinkBlush or PinkBlush Maternity! Be sure to check out my account at @emilyferguson_inspirehealth to get all the details for the give away!!! It’s something you won’t want to miss out on!