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If you are ready to be the healthiest and happiest you, you can:

Purchase your supplements retail price from my website HERE.
On my website you will see the retail price. Please see information below to receive my preferred customer discount or CONTACT me for help. I want you to save your pennies!


You can pay RETAIL, or you can ENROLL to become a Preferred Customer and save 10-20%. (I can also help you enroll if you CONTACT me)

Q. What are the benefits of being a Preferred Customer (PC)?

It’s free to be a PC
Get up to 20% off on all purchases
Track your shipments
Manage your payment info
Be the first to find out about deals and specials
Receive valuable extra information, education and advice from me
Access to our Inspire Health Team private client forums
Accesss to our Inspire Health Team webinars

Q. What kind of discounts will I enjoy?

10% off with the Preferred Price anytime you order through your personal account and SHOP CART.
20% off with the Auto Order price on all automatic monthly or bi-monthly shipments.
Auto Order is OPTIONAL. You do NOT have to be on auto order to save 10%. Only if you want an additional 10% savings!

Q. How do I get the 20% off Auto Order price?

Pick your favorite products and have them shipped to you every 4 or 8 weeks. You will get the preferred price (10% off) plus an additional auto order discount of 10%. This covers your Shipping and sometimes more!
You can cancel, change, or place your Auto Order on hold at any time. No strings attached. No sign-up or cancelation fees or penalties.
It’s the no-hassle convenient method to stay on track with your health and it saves you time and money.
You can set up an auto order during your initial order or add one later. You will not be charged for this during your initial order.
You will still have your 10% Shop Cart savings where you can order your products at anytime!

Q. What if I’m not great with computers?

No problem. I am always here to help you before, during, and after any purchase you make. All you have to do is CONTACT me!

Q. How do I become a Preferred Customer?

You have two options:

1. Do it yourself. Click HERE to fill out the online form on your own.

2. With a little help. CONTACT me and I can set up a time for us to connect so we can get you started! I can set up a PC account for you and email you your unique ID and password.






To purchase supplements, click HERE.