What supplements do I need & Why

If I had to guess you probably have a few (or a lot) questions about supplements.  Am I right?!  Why are supplements so confusing? I know I’ve been confused before. It’s very frustrating when you hear so many different opinions on what products are best and which ones you should take. I hope I can help you better understand why you need supplements and why you need to make sure you know exactly what they are and where they are coming from.

Think of supplements like your body’s insurance. It’s probably safe to say that 95% of people do not get all their veggie and fruit servings in, in a days time. As healthy as we try to be, life sometimes can get crazy busy. It also makes it difficult to get all the vitamins we need when farmers are producing crops at such fast rates, stripping the soil of it’s nutrients that we need in our foods. So yes, we need to supplement our bodies for what we lack in our diets. 

I chose to partner with a company that I can trust; that I love; and that I can see real results with. USANA supplements are what I personally use as well as my family, and are what I recommend for you and yours. USANA produces high-quality vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants your body needs for good health. Other reasons I love USANA: effective, safe, science-based and pharmaceutical quality. 


So what supplements do you need? Let’s find out!

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Most recommended products:

Everyday Multi-vitamins:

1. Essentials- A mega antioxidant and chelated mineral are the perfect “every day vitamin” for adults. The two together deliver a broad range of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants to support your health starting a cellular level. *My husband takes these daily and he never “forgets” to take his vitamins any longer! I think that means he really likes them! 

2. Pre-natals- Safe, effective levels of the essential vitamins and minerals you need for a healthy pregnancy and a healthy baby. An excellent source of folic acid. Excellent source of iron, biotin, and magnesium. Excellent source of vitamin A.  Additional nutrients, such as choline and selenium. Offers antioxidant activity. *I have personally taken the pre-natals during pregnancies and breast feeding and I’ve decided to stay on them. I love these supplements! My hair and nails where amazing…external proof that they do what they say they do! 


Multi-vitamin for kids:

1. Usanimals- Is a chewable that provides a balanced nutritional support for your cute growing children. *My 2 year old reminds me for her’s every morning.  She loves these vitamins! 

2. Body Rox- A range of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants to help your teenager stay healthy and energized.


Optimizers for your specific needs:

1. BiOmega- AKA your fish oil. Supports heart, brain, skin, eyes and joints. Helps maintain a normal, healthy inflammatory response. Is extremely important during pregnancy, and is safe being very high quality of fish oil with no mercury.  *A high quality fish oil is so important and I love knowing that this one I take daily is so pure. I take an increased amount that helps with my psoriasis. 

2. CoQuinone- Supports cellular energy production giving you an extra burst of energy throughout your day, and supports heart and healthy nerve function.  Offers antioxidant activity. 

3. Proflavanol- Supports circulation immune function and skin health. Women call it “a face lift in a bottle!” Offers antioxidant activity. 

4. Procosa-Supports joints, connective tissues, and skin health.*I personally take procosa on a daily basis, and it’s been amazing for my knees that ache when I run.  

5. Vitamin D- Necessary for normal bone mineralization and growth. Helps in the development and maintenance of bones and teeth. Helps in the absorption and use of calcium and phosphorus.

6. DIGESTIVE Health – Check out our probiotics, fibergy, digestive enzyme and hepasil to support a healthy digestion. I love these products. They support a HEALTHY GUT and liver which is extremely important!

7. Paraben Free SKINCARE – Whatever you put on your skin goes into your bloodstream! This is a “healthy” line of skincare for your skin. The creme masque and rice bran polisher are absolutely amazing and less than $30 for both! You can skip your facial at the spa! I do! 


Nutrition On The Go:

1. HealthPak- Pre-packaged supplements in convenient AM and PM packs. It’s a fast, easy way to get your Essentials, Active Calcium for bone support and AO Booster which is an added dose of antioxidant protection that your cells really need daily. The HealthPak is perfect for those that travel frequently and also for those that would like to open one little package rather than three separate containers.  

2. MyHealthPak- A customized nutritional supplement pack. You create your ideal combination of your most favorite USANA supplements, and USANA will send your personalized package to you with a 28-day supply of convenient AM and PM packs. It even has YOUR name on each individual packet! 


Remember, YOU are in charge of your happiness and health as well as your family’s. It starts with small decisions you make on a daily basis. Start right now making tomorrow a healthier tomorrow!

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