Be Above The Standard!

Last Friday I talked a little bit on social media about the Little Red Engine that THOUGHT HE COULD! Screen Shot 2015-05-04 at 9.57.42 AM

If you missed it, here was my post:

So I just KILLED my workout!!! The funny thing is I had NO motivation to go this morning and was super close to calling it off. Husbands been gone ALL week, my kid’s schedules and my busy work schedule has been crazy, Holden putting diapers in the toilet, etc…. YOU KNOW! I’m not the only one pulling diapers out of toilets am I??!!
My point is, you have to do things you don’t want to do sometimes. Find that little red engine within you! Be determined to do hard thinks. Don’t be average. Be above the standard. I’m glad I came to the gym today… Bc I just set my day up for success!

On that note, I’ll give you my workout in hopes that you will be motivated to get moving. Not sure what some workouts are? No problem, contact me and ask and/or YOUTUBE it!  

A little TOTAL BODY workout for your WEDNESDAY!

Repeat each set 3 times:

1a. Dips x 25

1b. Deadlifts x 15

1c. Burpees x 15

2a. Cable pulldowns x 15

2b. Plyo jump ups on bench x 24 (12 each leg)

2c. Squats on leg press with shoulder push  x 15 (face inward on leg press. place hands under shoulder pads. squat and your release your squat into a stand, pushing your arms up through your shoulders. Don’t forget to squeeze your butt!)

3a. One Leg and one arm cable rows x 15 each leg/arm (A favorite from Valerie Currie at (Place cable waist level. Plant left leg, row cable towards ribs with right arm. When releasing this row, your right arm is going forward while your right leg is going back, rising in the air behind you and left leg in squatting. Squeeze your right butt cheek!)

3b. Standing hamstring curls x 15

3c. Bunny hops (Find the stairs in your gym and bunny hop up each step with feet together.)

4a. Plank x 60 sec

4b. Scissors x 40 (20 each leg)

Go have fun and SWEAT!